Some Of Our Authors

Alice Roberson
Anetria Pollard
Angela Prox
Barbara Bailey
Barbara Bosey
Beatrice Brown
BJ McDonald
Brenda Ashley
Brenda Denson
Bridgette Johnson
Brittany Johnson
Carrie Livingston
Charlotte Posa
Christopher Hardy
Creola Reese
Crystal Calloway
David Fees
Deborah Broady
Deborah Collins
Dianne Jones McVay

Dr. Antoine Jasmine

Dr. Gay A. Owens

Dr. Jamilah Rattler
Dr. Pamela Hardy
Dr. Regina Spellman
Dr. Shirley Clark
Dr. Walter Fletcher
Elaine Head

Elgie Loyd
Felicia Sewell
Frances Cleveland
Freda Doxey
Gregory White
Harold VanArdale
Howard Caver
Jacqueline Johnson
Jan Whitaker
Janet Williams
Janice Cleveland
Jill Boyce
Johnnie Epperson

K. Joy Sandiford
KImberly Raney
Laurraine Huffman
Leadrew Johnson

Some Of Our Authors Have Been Seen And Heard On

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