Dr. Patricia Bailey
Ambassador, Missionary, Best-Selling Author, Chancellor
Faith Johnson
Retired Judge, Former DA of Dallas County, Community Leader
Dr. Keith Johnson
America's #1 Confidence Coach, Amazon Best-Selling Author, Chancellor
Dr. Ellawese Smith
Medical Doctor, Women Empowerment Speaker, Executive Business Coach
Deborah Collins
Author, Life Coach, Radio Host
Dorothy Cook
Millionaire Maker, Author, Business Mogul, Network Marketing Strategist
Alice Patterson
Community Leaders, Author, Racial-Reconciliation Advocate
Ocielia Gibson
Pageantry Coach, Miss Black USA 2011, Youth Coach, Community Leader
Karen Drumm
Faith Coach, Author, Pastoral Counselor, International Conference Speaker
Katrina Ferguson
#1 Amazon Best-Selling Author, Business Coach, Life Coach
Sharon Hill
Community Leader, Author, Presenter, Prayer Strategist
Mwaka Twagirayesu
Attorney, Author, Governmental Prayer Strategist, Radio & Television Personality
Jill Boyce
Author, Community Leader, Veterans' Coach
Dorothy Moore
Community Leader, Author, Prayer Leader
Yvette Munroe
CEO IDYL Charter School, Author, Business Coach
Tommy Drumm
Faith Leader, Author
Dr. Sheila Bailey
Church Leader, Community Leader, Conference Host
Sarah Morgan
Prayer Strategist Coach, Best-Selling Author, Marketplace Leader
Brenda Todd
Author, Prayer Coach & Strategist
Dennis & Elaine Head
Business Owners, Author, Church Leaders
Dr. Sherron Patterson
Life Coach, Pastoral Counselor, Community Leader, Author
Dr. Renee Hornbuckle
#1 Amazon Best-Selling Author, Church Leader, TV Host
Dianne Jones McVay
Attorney, Spiritual Leader, Church Leader, Author
Mackie Shiflett
Sales Manager, Science Fiction Writer
Dr. Pauline Plummer
Author, Recording Artist, TV Host
Cindy Clark
Minister, Prayer Leader, Author
Bridgett Johnson
Sales Manager Strategist, Media Consultant, Faith Coach
Laurraine Hoffman
Community Leader, Prayer Strategist, Author
Tim Lynch
Former Christian Chamber Founder, Author, Business Coach, City Strategist Leader
Dr. Joyce Haddon
Pastoral Leader & Counselor, Community Activist, Business Owner
M. J. Miller
Author, Breast Cancer Survivor
Dr. Regina Spellman
Author, Church Leadership Coach, Business Owner
Melanie Bonita
#1 Amazon Best-Selling Author, Faith Coach
Rodney Dennis
Executive Business Coach, Church Leadership Coach, Author, Entrepreneur
Dr. Diane Washington
Serial Entrepreneurial; Marketplace Apostle; #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author
Medical Doctor, Author, Faith-Based Leader
Bobi Naukam
Author, Addictions Counselor
Marcus Howard
TV Host, Award Winning Amazon Best-Selling Author, Church Leader, Business Coach
Patricia Williams
Community Activist, Business Owner, Church Leader
Dr. Beverly Bryant
Professor, Pastoral Counselor, Hospitality & Entertaining Consultant
Dr. Linda Morable
Professor, Business Coach
Chef Armstrong
Celebrity Chef, Author
Brenda Ashley
Church Strategist, Marketplace Leader, Business Owner, Author
Dr. Ann Marie Kappel
Licensed Psychologist, Author, Professor
Christopher Hardy
Business Coach, Author, Church Leader
Cheryl Thomas
Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur
Sam Fenceroy
Church Leader, Author, Radio Host
Dr. Iris Perkins
Owner, dpRochelle Publishing, #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Radio Host
Freda Doxey
Author, Counselor, Executive Leadership Coach
Tyrone Lister
Thought Leader, Marketplace Apostle, Author
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Dr. Joyce Haddon

Pastoral Leader & Counselor, Community Activist, Business Owner

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